Purple Striped T-Shirt yarn

Purple Striped T-Shirt yarn

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Colour: Purple with thin white and red stripes
Each large bobbin weighs approximately 700g to 1kg and its total length, while varying, is on average between 100-120 metres according to its characteristics.
Bobbin measurement is approx. 15cm x 15cm.
Thickness: between 5-7mm
One of these bobbins should be enough to create a project of approx. 45x45cm, depending on the thickness and material of the yarn
T-shirt Yarn is mostly cotton with a small percentage of lycra, which can vary from fabric to fabric

T- Shirt Yarn is made from extra fashion fabrics which are then upcycled from the fashion industry factories and turned into yarn.
It’s washable, slightly stretchy and easy to use, making it an ideal medium for all sorts of knitting, crochet, weaving and macramé projects. T-shirt yarn is also great for baskets, rugs, containers, bags, jewellery, accessories and even clothes
Due to the nature of being upcycled, the colour and thickness and stretch of the t-shirt yarn can vary slightly between each bobbin. Knots and imperfections are also a feature of this type of yarn and therefore should be expected

Crochet HookKnitting Needles  10mm - 12mm depending on thickness of yarn


Machine Washable 40 degrees
May be tumble dried on low heat

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